Start a BULK SMS Business in Nigeria with NO CAPITAL!!!!!

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This JULY you can become your own boss selling BULk SMS vouchers.
WeSMSYou has over 17,000 registered customers and you can make up to 20,000 Naira monthly selling our vouchers and sms units.

Visit to register as a Business Partner

Get to be the Bulksms business Expert in your area in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Visit , register an account and request for only 5000 Naira vouchers
  2. We will contact you to confirm your details and location
  3. Sign and agree to our terms and conditions
  4. Finally receive our vouchers

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Webusiness Online

We Business Online is a tech driven entreprise in Nigeria. In 2011, we launched as a bulksms company in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Presently it boasts to be the biggest bulk sms providers in Nigeria, with clients in all 36 states of the country and over 25, 000 users.

How to pay by Bank

Make a payment to First Bank Account Name: We Business Online Acc No: 2029730175 Send a text message stating: amount paid and mode of payment to 07069235708 Our team will credit you in less than 5 mins
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